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 BoA and Eunhyuk Have an Awkward Relationship?

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PostSubject: BoA and Eunhyuk Have an Awkward Relationship?   Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:53 am

BoA and Eunhyuk Have an Awkward Relationship?

It appears to be that Super Junior’s EunHyuk and BoA have started a new mission through Twitter to bring them closer together. Despite both being under SM Entertainment, it seems the two artists are not as close as they would like to be.
This all recently developed due through a recent broadcast of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, where Leeteuk had announced that “BoA is making her comeback soon, Eunhyuk ah, please become closer to BoA.”
This then developed into a casual conversation between the two DJ’s about their distant relationship with their fellow SM family member.
Eunhyuk: “I have Boa’s number on my phone, but it seems like she has already changed it.”
Leeteuk: “In our group, SiWon and BoA seem very close, but for us it feels as if we are from different companies.”
Eunhyuk replied: “This time, we will become closer through the upcoming SM Town concert.”

After the broadcast, new Twitter fan BoA left a message for Eunhyuk on his page saying:
“Eunhyuk shi? Don’t only say you want to become closer on the
radio, do you want to try and start the plan of getting closer through

She had also contacted fellow Super Junior member Heechul through Twitter announcing “I finally followed EunHyuk and Leeteuk (on Twitter)”. This has suggested the beginning of BoA’s mission to become closer to the two.
So what do you guys think about their mission? Is it time to show some SM family love?

Translation:Liandonghai @ SJBaidu &~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-World.net

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BoA and Eunhyuk Have an Awkward Relationship?
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