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 4Minute's special message to Japanese fans who attended their fan meeting

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PostSubject: 4Minute's special message to Japanese fans who attended their fan meeting   Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:46 am

[10.09.01] 4Minute's special message to Japanese fans who attended their fan meeting

Recently, it has been reported that 4Minute had a Fan Meeting event yesterday at Tokyo in relation to their celebration for the release of their second single entitled 'I My Me Mine.'

4Minute as well as all the staff were so overwhelmed with the large population of people who attended on the event, and for that, the girls, except HyunAh, who happened to leave earlier than the members because of the extreme heat, sent their affectionate messages through mobile phone.

Here are the things that they have said:

JiHyun: "Even though today's weather is very hot, we are so overwhelmed for there were still a lot of people who attended the event. This experience was really nice, and definitely something I won't forget. Thank you. hehehe
At the handshake event, we regret that HyunA wasn't able to finish it until the end because of her bad body condition. The weather was too hot for HyunA. Other areas are also looking forward for our next activities and I would like to thank everyone for all their greetings. Many fans want us to do more performances. So I have to work harder, right???
The weather is very hot so please take good care of yourselves! Pay attention to your body so you can watch us for more years to come! I love you!"

Gayoon: "Thank you very much for attending today's second single's event! I was so impressed on how many people attended the event! Without all your support our performance wouldn't be that great! Everyone was so hyped singing with us! They are full of strength~!
We're very excited for tomorrow's events in Osaka and Nagoya! We will meet again right? Hihihi! Please don't forget to bring water with you tomorrow!"

Jiyoon: "Hehehe! Thanks a lot for all the people who went on today's event! It's really good for you guys to know us better on stage! Hehehe! Are we going to meet again on the next event? I'd be bad if I cheat! Hehehe! I love you!"

SoHyun: "Hehehe! Hello. Hehehe. Today's event was really touching. I don't know. There are so many of you who came... Thank you so much! Today's event is something I will never ever forget! So from now on, please show more interest on seeing us, 4Minute, on stage!
Again, thank you for coming despite of too much heat! Hehehe. Everyone, I love you! hehe. I feel Fu. Chutchu."

Yet again, the staff and the production apologize for not having HyunA finish the Handshake event due to her body's reaction on the extreme heat of the sun.

May all the Japanese fans continue to support them on their next activities!

Source: 4Minute Ameba Blog
Reporting + Translating + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com


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4Minute's special message to Japanese fans who attended their fan meeting
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