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 Katy Perry would love to work with the Wonder Girls & steal their outfits as well

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PostSubject: Katy Perry would love to work with the Wonder Girls & steal their outfits as well   Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:54 pm

“I’m just here today to say I kissed a girl,” Katy Perry quipped during the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 press conference to much laughter. Held in Sunway Resort Hotel earlier today, VJ Juju (MTV China), VJ Chris (MTV Japan), VJ Sean (MTV Korea) and our very own VJ Utt (MTV Asia) engaged in friendly banter, salivated over the performing artists, and introduced this year’s proceedings before bringing on the artistes to face the sea of eager photographers and journalists.
Malaysian pop punk outfit Bunkface said they were nervous about their upcoming performance, and that their first reaction upon hearing that they were going to be at World Stage was to find out which other artistes would be there. Bunkface also met the Wonder Girls earlier, and said they were cool. The band members were also psyched to “put on a good show,” and joked that maybe they would “bring on Justin Bieber” as well.

The gorgeous Korean girl-group Wonder Girls were next to make an appearance with all five of them dressed in black-and-white. Sun, the leader of the group, said that “It’s an honor, we’re grateful that people are following our dance routines and music.” When asked who they would love to collaborate with out of all the artistes at World Stage, the girls decided that Bunkface would be an awesome choice. VJs Chris and Sean suggested that the Wonder Girls teach the crowd the dance steps to their smash hit “Nobody”, and the group happily obliged.

More cheers followed for German rockers Tokio Hotel who took to the stage next. Lead vocalist Bill Kaulitz caught everyone’s attention with his unique style and choice of outfit – which was a dark olive military-like jumpsuit coupled with lots of bling. His signature eye-liner was present of course. VJs Juju and Chris teased Tokio Hotel about the Malaysian girls, and Tom responded by saying that they “are really beautiful, they look good.”

Laughter ensued when the VJs asked Gustav (who was wearing a plain white T-shirt and bermudas) if he was ever inspired to dress like the other members of the band. Gustav said no in a serious, deadpan tone, which somehow made it all the more hilarious. Bill chimed in to say that the band encourages individuality and expression, therefore all four of them have distinct styles.

The most applause was reserved for sunshine girl Katy Perry, and even VJs Sean and Utt were reduced to excited teenage boys, jumping up and down as they announced that she would be coming onstage. Katy was such a sweetheart, taking time out to ensure everyone who had questions got an answer from her. When asked who she would love to collaborate with, she listed her good friend, Rihanna, British songstress Marina & the Diamonds, John Mayer and Kanye West.

And how about Asian artistes? Not missing a beat, Katy told the crowd that she would love to work with the Wonder Girls, and possibly steal their outfits as well. When asked what it was like waking up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she said it reminded her of home, with the tropical weather and all. The only drawback was that the humidity made her curls go flat. If all goes well though, she just might wear her candy-striped heels tonight. We bet the 15,000-strong crowd wouldn’t mind at all.

More photos of Wonder Girls at the press conference:

credit --> omonatheydidnt from lj !!

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Katy Perry would love to work with the Wonder Girls & steal their outfits as well
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