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 Seulong makes an appearance in 2wins MV

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PostSubject: Seulong makes an appearance in 2wins MV   Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:17 pm

2wins is a new Hip Hop duo consisting of members TopBob and BumKey. TopBob was a part of TBNY with Yankie but unfortunately their music had poor sales and disbanded. BumKey was given an amazing voice and collaborated with many of Korea’s most talented artists including Epik High and Dynamic Duo. He was considered to be one of Korea’s top vocalists until a major setback. He had surgery on his throat because of frequent complaints of sore throat but due to the doctor’s negligence, he couldn’t speak for some time and it took two years for BumKey to fully recover. Despite the trials and tribulations, 2wins is optimistic about the future.

The duo of TopBob and BumKey recently dropped their debut EP on July 1st and 2AM’s Seulong stars in the MV for the title track 피가나 / Bleeding. This isn’t the full MV unfortunately as the video was played on a recent episode of KBS Sponge Zero as the show was coming to a close (end titles). Despite that, you can still get a glimpse of the quality music that 2wins provides.

Many thanks to everyone who sent this in and check out the video clip below. Remember to support the artist.

Cr allkpop
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Seulong makes an appearance in 2wins MV
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