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 [INFO 100728] SooHyun's "A Chorus Line" Musical Stage Cancelled

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PostSubject: [INFO 100728] SooHyun's "A Chorus Line" Musical Stage Cancelled   Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:16 pm

Hello. This is the U-Kiss fanclub admin.

A problem occurred with the organizers for SooHyun's musical <A Chorus Line>, and it looks like it will be hard for him to appear in it.

Although he practiced hard while in the midst of a busy schedule to show everyone a perfect stage, there was a problem stemming from the organizers' side and we are truly sorry to announce to the anticipating fans that he will not be performing the musical.

Because the appearance itself has been cancelled, it looks unlikely that he will be performing in the future, but the hosts of the event have kept open the chances of his appearance, so we are currently keeping an eye on the situation.

For fans who requested group tickets, the fan meeting will be held as planned after the performance at a different location, and we will give each individual fan who requested for tickets a call to inform them.

Once again, we want to apologize for breaking this bad news to the fans who requested group viewings and to those who participated in supporting SooHyun's first musical debut. We will work hard to bring everyone better news next time.

Thank you.

Credits: U-Kiss Official Cafe + ilovepocky @ Rocketboxx.net

o kahmenoulhs 9a stenaxwrh9hke toso pl... perimene pws kai pws na pai3ei kai otan phre ton rolo xarhke toso pl....
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Bi Dim

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PostSubject: Re: [INFO 100728] SooHyun's "A Chorus Line" Musical Stage Cancelled   Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:23 am

ela rr o kahmenos!!!!!!!
8a prepei na stenaxwrh8hke pl!!!!!
k egw stenaxwrh8hka tr!!!pffff gmt
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[INFO 100728] SooHyun's "A Chorus Line" Musical Stage Cancelled
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