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 CUBE's Summer Showcase Concert is Already SOLD-OUT!

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PostSubject: CUBE's Summer Showcase Concert is Already SOLD-OUT!   Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:26 pm

[10.07.30] CUBE's Summer Showcase Concert is Already SOLD-OUT!

Recently, we have just announced that CUBE Entertainment will be conducting a Summer Showcase Party Concert where their popular talents such as 4Minute, BEAST and G.Na Choi will be doing several performances to please all their loving fans who will attend the event.

It was then revealed that the tile of the concert is: “2010 Summer Cube Stars Party.” The event will take place on August 10th at the Fashion Center Event Hall. The main purpose of the rising agency for conducting the event is to “highlight the recording artists of their company.”

It was also announced that CUBE's trainees will also be given an opportunity to perform and showcase their talents on the said concert.

Astonishingly, it was also revealed that the tickets for this concert was already sold-out for such a very short time.

Moreover, let us all hope for a very successful showcase from the girls and their co-Cube artists.

Source: Soompi NEWS
Reporting + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-Minute.com
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CUBE's Summer Showcase Concert is Already SOLD-OUT!
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