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 G.na and HyunAh's relationship

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PostSubject: G.na and HyunAh's relationship   Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:20 pm

[10.07.30] G.na and HyunAh's relationship

Recently we have seen a lot of articles and news reports linking cube-mates HyunAh and G.Na together. We now know they are very close friends and have known each other since they were trainees. Just yesterday we also see HyunAh supporting and cheering for G.Na as she found her album while promotiong "I My Me Mine" in Japan. HyunAh also helped G.Na out in a performance on Music Core, doing a little emotional rap.

After this performance G.Na had a few words to say to HyunAh. She said "HyunAh, the girl that secretly cries, thank you for helping me on stage for this performance. I will do my best".

Netizens had really good feedback from that one sentence alone. Tons of comments first of all comforting HyunAh saying she is the best and lots of encouraging words. Other comments saying how they are awsome friends and wanting their friendship to last forever. Lets hope these comments reach the two girls and their friendship will always stay strong and last forever.

Here are some direct quotes from the thread itself:

Quote :
"There will be a better future!~~"
"Stay strong~silly horse...don't cry"
"Golden horse! your the best of all, FIGHTING!!"
"We don't know how you did it, all we know that it wasn't easy"
"their friendship is so cute I hope it lasts forever"

Source: Baidu.com
Reported By: inuseed@4-minute.com
Special Thanks: kueensora@4-minute.com
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G.na and HyunAh's relationship
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