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 WonderGirls YooBin, “I go to sleep looking at SunMi’s photo”

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PostSubject: WonderGirls YooBin, “I go to sleep looking at SunMi’s photo”   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:05 am

A photo of SunMi which had the WonderGirls missing her found in the girls’ dormitory in the States garners interests.

The girls’ dormitory and their features during their American concert tour were revealed through the first episode of Mnet ‘Made In WonderGirls’ aired on 30th July.

YooBin was the one who introduced their dormitory. It had caught the eyes of TV viewers that a photo of SunMi was found in the room which YooBin, SoHee and HyeRim use. YooBin touched the photo and said, “I always go to sleep looking at SunMi. SunMi ya, good night,” expressing her longing for SunMi.

Also YooBin was flustered to introduce her untidy room, “Originally it was not untidy. But SoHee did her leg massage, and the room became a mess,” and it seemed that YooBin was using SoHee as an excuse there.
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WonderGirls YooBin, “I go to sleep looking at SunMi’s photo”
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