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 HyunAh supports G.Na in Japan

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PostSubject: HyunAh supports G.Na in Japan   Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:16 am

[10.07.30] HyunAh supports G.Na in Japan

We now all know that the CUBE-mates G.Na and HyunAh are great friends, and also were in their trainee days. In the midst of their Japan promotions for "I My Me Mine" HyunAh spots something, and even pulls the cameraman towards it telling him to hurry. What does she spot? It's G.Na's album! She's very excited to see it in the record store even in Japan and gives a full out cheer and support to her friend. Just goes to show how strong their friendship really is. Check out the video below!

Source: dkpopnews.net
Reported By: inuseed@4-minute.com
Video Source: Lackadaisily2
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HyunAh supports G.Na in Japan
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