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 Yesung Thinks Kyuhyun is More Talented than Leeteuk?

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PostSubject: Yesung Thinks Kyuhyun is More Talented than Leeteuk?   Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:11 am

Yesung Thinks Kyuhyun is More Talented than Leeteuk?

Super Junior has been livening up quite a few variety shows with their lively personalities, but lately, maknae Kyuhyun
has been given the spotlight during various discussions and jokes! From
speaking of his “power” within the 13-membered group, to his talents
and his reasons for unhappiness of late, you’ll be hard-pressed to not
be able to call yourself a Kyuhyun fan after this article!

During the July 27 episode of SBSGood Morning,’ leader Leeteuk revealed, “Eunhyuk, Sungmin, and I were trainees for five years. On the other hand, Kyuhyun the youngest was only a trainee for three months.” Kyuhyun cleverly replied, “I came in [the group] at the perfect [time.]”
Member Yesung then caused much laughter in the audience when he said, “Although Leeteuk trained for five years and Kyuhyun trained for three months, in skills, Kyuhyun maybe better.” When asked as to why he would say such a thing, Yesung replied that it was all in revenge: “I also trained for five years, but Leeteuk [forgot to mention me so he] doesn’t care about me.”
Kyuhyun himself then confessed that when he first joined the group,
life as a maknae was hard, as he was constantly bullied by the members into cooking for them. “[When I first joined the group] because I was the maknae, I had to cook
ramen [for the others,] but I didn’t know how much water I was supposed
to add. Later on, while Leeteuk was eating, he said in a mean way, “Who
cooked this ramen?!”’

However, things got better for the idol, as he explained, “but after that I got power. Lately, I can use my aegyo [act cute] and
tell the hyungs, ‘Hyung give me some food’ [in an informal manner] and
they will also smile and treat me to a meal, and even buy me clothes.”
EunhyukKyuhyun’s ‘hyung give me some food’ is said with a demanding tone,” which really gives the boys all the more reason to call Kyuhyun the “evil maknae.”
contradicted this statement, saying, “
Leeteuk supported Eunhyuk’s claim, saying, “You can’t find in other groups a maknae who is ruder than ours,” which brought about much laughter from the audience.
However, it seems that even with all of Kyuhyun’s power in the group,
he still is subject to some unhappiness from time to time. On July 25th, Ryeowook uploaded a photo of Kyuhyun in which he was pouting while sitting amongst his members. “Want to know the reason behind Kyuhyun’s expression?” the photo was captioned. “Please acknowledge it at Heechul hyung’s twitter.” Heechul had updated his own twitter with an amusing story: “After
our last performance keke, we ate 30 portions of meat, steamboat, and
Korean cold noodles. In order to decide [who would] pay the bill, we
played rock paper stones.”
The tweet was accompanied by a video of
the members of Super Junior playing the game with their manager.
Apparently, Kyuhyun lost, but he thought that being forced to pay for
the entire meal would be unfair, since he had to return to his dorm
halfway into the dinner. This meant that he did not get a single bite
out of the meat, but had to pay for the entire meal anyway.

Poor Kyuhyun! I would be pretty upset with that, too – too bad his “powers” didn’t come through this time around!

Source: tvdaily + starnews + superjunior 吧 + newsen
Translation: CHAN.@elfcity妖精之城 + sj-world.net + chulian@gyuhyunbar + teukiebiased@sapphirepearls

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Yesung Thinks Kyuhyun is More Talented than Leeteuk?
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