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 Joon and HyunA is STILL a Potential Couple!

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PostSubject: Joon and HyunA is STILL a Potential Couple!   Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:32 am

[10.07.27] Joon and HyunA is STILL a Potential Couple!

Recently, fans got confused on different news coming all the way through different KPOP-information sites regarding to 4Minute HyunA's real feelings towards MBLAQ's Lee Joon. The latest news about this was that HyunA didn't really like Joon and that she was surprised about all the news spreading in the net.

A lot of shippers of this newly born couple got disappointed about this news. However, it's not yet time to give up guys, and actually, there's no real reason to lose hope! A Cut English subbed version of HyunA and Joon's conversation on Star Golden Bell was just uploaded in Youtube that will officially clear all the wrong details being spread all over different sites with regards to the "getting-more-popular" HyunA-Joon Couple.

In the video, the MC congratulated Lee Joon for being announced by HyunA herself as her ideal type of guy. Joon responded as if he was surprised so the MC asked HyunA for her reasons for liking Joon.

In the midst of answering the question, HyunA was teased by the audience and acted shyly and she answered, "For me his performance in stage is so impressive. So when I'm monitoring him on stage, I would be like, "Woah! He's hot!" without myself knowing it."

On the video, it is very clear how the both of them seems like they are really impressed with each other. Joon even sated that: "HyunA is more of a sexy and enchanting dancer that makes people..." when he was asked to choose between HyunA and another performer present on the same show.

Curious and dying to see the video? Don't worry, we have it ready for you:

Source: tohojess Youtube Channel
Reporting + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com
Special Thanks to: tohoblaq@4-minute.com


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Joon and HyunA is STILL a Potential Couple!
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