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 HyunAh's Hot Dance Caught Netizens' Attention Once Again

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PostSubject: HyunAh's Hot Dance Caught Netizens' Attention Once Again   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:35 am

[10.07.25] HyunAh's Hot Dance Caught Netizens' Attention Once Again

Our Charismatic HyunAh has been indeed, getting a lot of attention from Netizens and other Net Searchers as she just continue getting the highest spot on Net Search Rankings.

If you can still remember, she has recently become a hot issue because of her hair switching from Hot Orange to Blond and now by having her hair cut short. She also got so much attention as she defended herself against people who thought that her top for their consecutive cheering activities to support the Korean Soccer Team for the FIFA World Cup Tournament was too revealing. And recently, her confessions about her real feelings toward MBLAQ's Lee Joon just caught too much ears from numerous KPOP Fans around the world.

Well, as you believe it or not, HyunAh again topped the Net Search Rankings after she performed a sexy dance on the Korean morning show known as: Quiz That Changes The World. Both HyunAh and Gayoon were guests on the said show, basically, to promote I My Me Mine. However, the male MCs on the show have shown their interest towards HyunAh's Solo Hit Track Change. As a result, Kim HyunAh danced her infamous pelvic dance due to the MCs' requests.

It's clear that HyunAh simply showed her showmanship, yet her short sexy performance created hot debates from Netizens having them create the following statements:

Quote :
“Even though this show may be an early morning program, it was a little bit too much for a minor like HyunAh to showcase a sensual dance”

“The way the male guests gazed at her dancing seems even more wrong”

“It was a broadcast that used a minor to satisfy an adult’s greed”

“The generation has changed”

“It’s ok for her to dance like that on Music Bank, so why is it wrong for her to do that on Quiz That Changes The World”

“Dance is just a dance”

However, the highlight of the show isn't just the dancing of Change. You can also watch HyunAh showing a lot of her aegyos as well as her remarkable split after scoring a goal in the cute soccer game.

Here's the video:

Source: Allkpop


aish!! giati dn tn afinoun ligo isixi tn kopela??


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HyunAh's Hot Dance Caught Netizens' Attention Once Again
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