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 Kwon "All I want is Ga In nuna" @2AMKwon

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PostSubject: Kwon "All I want is Ga In nuna" @2AMKwon   Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:15 pm

Kwon "All I want is Ga In nuna" @2AMKwon

2AM Jokwon picked Ga In as the singer who he would like to sing a duet
with. 2AM who have been busy with overseas activities came on SBS 'Kim
Jung Eun's Chocolate'.

When MC Kim Jung Eun asked 'Who would you
like to sing a duet with', Jokwon replied without hesitation, "It's
definitely Ga In nuna for me". When she said "You've already done a duet
with Ga In, why not pick someone else", he answered "All I want is Ga
In nuna", expressing his feelings.

Kim Jung Eun said "Ga In-ssi has charm", for which Jokwon shyly replied "Thank you", making the audience laugh.

can watch the Adam couple expressing their feelings without hesitation
even on other broadcasts on the 25th at 12:10am on 'Kim Jung Eung's


Na ta vlepeis auta Nena! Mono tin GA IN thelei !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kwon "All I want is Ga In nuna" @2AMKwon
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