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 HyunAh lends G.Na a hand on Music Core

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PostSubject: HyunAh lends G.Na a hand on Music Core   Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:22 am

[10.07.24] HyunAh lends G.Na a hand on Music Core

G.Na has had quiet a lot of success since her debut. And with her new album "Release G's First Breath" she has also gained a lot of fans. She had four great performances last week and is back again on Music Core with her hit song " I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better."

But this time there would be a little extra bonus for us 4minute fans. Unfortunately JunHyung could not make it this time to sing his part due to other commitments. So what does CUBE do to hype us up even more? Of course bring another awesome rapper in to fill his place, and that rapper is HyunAh. She totally aced the performance with an emotional little tune.

This is perfect because as we all know HyunAh and G.Na are apparently really close friends, and i guess this video prooves it as HyunAh shares a little handshake with G.Na as she is walking onto the stage to perform her part. A graceful singer with a powerful voice and an aggressive rapper who's as cute as a button, I don't think any one would want to miss this. Enjoy!!

Source: Allkpop


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HyunAh lends G.Na a hand on Music Core
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