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 Dongjun (동준)

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PostSubject: Re: Dongjun (동준)   Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:36 pm

αχ!! το γλυκοοοο μου!! περαστικά ψυχουλινάκι!!
Ξερουμε πώς είναι τωρα??
και η φωτο @Τιανήηηη τα σπαει!!

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PostSubject: Re: Dongjun (동준)   Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:38 am

ZE:A’s Dongjun is the true “fitness-dol

ZE:A’s Dong Jun keeps appealing with his “fitness-dol” image.

In MBC’s special feature for the Lunar New Year, the “Idol” Track-And-Field and Swimming Championships that aired on January 24, Dong Jun ranks at the top in the 50-meter hurdles.

Don Jun shows a perfect, spectacular match at 50-meter hurdles, ranking himself at the top. He feels sorry for Min Ho of SHINee’s absence at the game and leaves him a challenging message, saying, “Let’s have a game.”

In the special feature for Chuseok last year, the “Idol” Track-And-Field Championships, he won the male 100-meter dash, the highlight of the championship, setting a new record 12.42 seconds. His record also gave him victory in the male sprint race. He also won the male 1m 10cm hurdles.

Source: en.korea.com
Credits: EmpireChildren

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Dongjun (동준)
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