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 2AM & Han Hyojoo for Jambangee 2010 F/W

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PostSubject: 2AM & Han Hyojoo for Jambangee 2010 F/W   Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:09 am

2AM & Han Hyojoo for Jambangee 2010 F/W

Han Hyojoo & 2AM expresses their honest charisma

The heroine of MBC's 'Dongi' has shot the 2010 F/W Jambangee photoshoot with the bluechip of the variety industry, 2AM.

concept of this photoshoot is 'plain honesty (True it self),' a joint
project by photographer Hong Loo and stylist Nam Juhee with other top
staffs of Korea.

The members remained with a smile on their face
throughout the entire shoot as they expressed their individual
charismas through a variety of poses.

The 2010 F/W clothes has
their characteristic iconic brand style with an overall mild style,
allowing the identity of Jambangee to show through. They have been
receiving compliments stating that Jambangee used the distinct style of
jeans in a practical manner.


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2AM & Han Hyojoo for Jambangee 2010 F/W
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