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 4minute performs Superstar and IMMM on MCountdown

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PostSubject: 4minute performs Superstar and IMMM on MCountdown   Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:07 am

[10.07.22] 4minute performs Superstar and IMMM on MCountdown

After all the teasing with the promotional MV and the song our girls finally give us a taste of what a superstar really is by performing "Superstar" on MCountdown.

Even in the middle of their busy schedule and all the promotions for "I My Me Mine" they still manage to pull off a flawless performance introducing new dance moves. With sexy black costumes that are fit for stars to perform "Superstar" and angelic white costumes to wow the crowd with "I My Me Mine". You can hear the fans roaring in the background as the girls show their stuff on stage. With a solid performance and ever so fitting facial expressions this is really something nobody would want to miss.

This performance is exclusive for MCountdown, due to the fact that Superstar K Season 2 belongs to Mnet. So make sure you watch these mind blowing performances!! Enjoy!

Credit: Allkpop


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4minute performs Superstar and IMMM on MCountdown
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