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 Kwon hopes for a 'KhunKwon' duet

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PostSubject: Kwon hopes for a 'KhunKwon' duet   Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:10 am

Kwon hopes for a 'KhunKwon' duet

Group 2AM's Jo Kwon revealing his friendship with other group members on his personal Twitter has been gaining interest.

On the 20th, Jo Kwon had a conversation with 2PM's Khun through
Twitter. Jo Kwon said to Nichkhun, "Hyung, sing me the song". Khun
replied "The one I'll be doing at the concert? Come to my room! I'll let
you listen to my sweet song."

Jo Kwon continued, "Yeah, you
agreed for me to check it. Someday we'll do a 'KhunKwon' duet". "Before
the 2PM concert begins, we'll sing a few songs, because we're guests",
giving out information about the upcoming 2PM concert.

The fans
who are following the two commented "You two are so kind to each other, I
can taste the sweetness", "I really hope you guys do a duet", building
up the anticipation for the concert.

Jo Kwon is working hard to
promote Changmin's Homme project with 8eight's Lee Hyun. On the 21st he
wrote on his Twitter, "I went to visit the music video set to support
them… but the Homme hyungnims' dancing… Kkyak", also uploading a photo.
The fans who were able to see a sneak peak of a scene of the music
video, fans responded "Good", "Jokwon is the best."

Jokwon regularly uses Twitter to communicate with his fans, revealing
photos of his photo shoot and everyday pictures. On the morning of the
22nd he wrote "This Saturday's Music Core, 'The Day I Confessed', my
first time.. probably", giving out information for the upcoming episode
of MBC's Show! Music Core.


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Kwon hopes for a 'KhunKwon' duet
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