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 Junyoung (준영)

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PostSubject: Re: Junyoung (준영)   Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:32 pm

ZE:A Junyoung revealed: “Dongjun likes somebody from a 9-member girlgroup”

ZE:A’s leader Moon Junyoung revealed a secret about the other ZE:A member, Kim Dongjun.

Moon Junyoung appeared on Dream Team on March 13th as a member of celebrities team and rival of Donjun’s ‘Dream Team’.

Prior to the game, Junyoung expressed his determination: “Magnae Dongjun may be amazing, but I can’t just do nothing, so I came here to kill his spirit.”

He also surprised everyone by saying: “There’s a female idol Dongjun likes”.

Then the MC Lee Changmyung asked how many members are there in the group, and Junyoung revealed “9 members”. With this answer he implied that the female idol Dongjun likes is a member of SNSD.

Embarassed Dongjun said “I can like her as a fan!”, expressing his resentment towards Junyoung, which brought laughter from other members.

source: http://keksprinzessin.wordpress.com


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PostSubject: Re: Junyoung (준영)   Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:21 pm

Junyoung feels guilty and sorry, about his injury

ZE:A’s Junyoung was recently admitted into the hospital for an orbital
and cheekbone fracture after he slipped in the bathroom. A follow-up
report was release by his agency, Star Empire, and they assert that the
idol is doing well.

Star Empire’s representatives revealed,
“Moon Junyoung completed his surgery and is recovering; there isn’t
anything people should be worried about. We worried most about whether
it’d leave a scar, but fortunately, there won’t be any scarring. He
can’t chew food right now, so he’s drinking juice and eating thin rice
gruel for the time being.”

They continued, “We’ll have to see for
sure, but it’ll take about a month for him to fully recover. Junyoung
himself feels extremely apologetic and guilty towards his fans and group
members, but he’s doing well and asks fans not to worry.”

As previously reported, ZE:A will be promoting with eight members for the next month.

Source: Sports Today
from allkpop

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Junyoung (준영)
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