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 F.Cuz Being Forced to Get Married Early !?

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PostSubject: F.Cuz Being Forced to Get Married Early !?    Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:03 am

F.Cuz Being Forced to Get Married Early !?

Korean boy band F.Cuz went to Taiwan last month and attended POP radio
Fm91.7 interview. The DJ prepared Taiwan snack Lao Po Bing (老婆餅) for
them, but after F.Cuz finished the food, DJ Sharon told them, after
eating Lao Po Bing (老婆餅) , they have to marry her as their wife. F.Cuz
quickly spit their food out !

Once they heard after eating Lao Po Bing (老婆餅) they have to date or marry the person, the members looked at each other for a moment, only Leader Jinon smiled because he hasnt take a bite yet. The handsome Kan quickly spit the snack out, and LeeU who actually finished the snack, was pushed out by Maknae Yejun to take the responsibility ! and it caused everyone to have a great laugh ! F.Cuz having an average age of 20 ,went to Taiwan and was packed with
schedules, didnt get a chance to walk around in Taiwan. But instead, they were tricked by a DJ, it left them a huge impression. During the interview, F.Cuz became teachers and taught the Taiwanese fans, "How To Get A Date In A Beach" using Korean. At the end of the interview, DJ Sharon ask the boys about their thoughts on mature ladies, F.Cuz replied: They wont exclude the thought of having a girlfriend older than them, but the maximum age apart is 12 years. Once they say that, it means DJ Sharon wont stand a chance !

Source: NOWnews
Translated by: Ham@F.Cuz Singapore
credits to Rositaz at F.Cuz soompi thread


Pw pw otan eida ton titlo eimoun se katastasi WTF???
O.o Are they serious???
Alla pali kala itan mono meros apo tin synenteuxi....
Kai klasika opws kai oli h ypoloiph Kpop den tha eixan provlima na kanoun kati me Noona!!!

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F.Cuz Being Forced to Get Married Early !?
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