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 F.Cuz Popularity Rising Fast !

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PostSubject: F.Cuz Popularity Rising Fast !   Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:54 am

F.Cuz Popularity Rising Fast !

F.Cuz recently ended their promotions in Taiwan and returned to Seoul. In a short period of time, they are very honoured to be chosen to be in the main page of the TRENDY magazine. F.Cuz took some time off to attend the photo-shoot, for the first time, TRENDY also used Korean fashion as a main topic, increasing the fame of F.Cuz Since debut, they are named as MODEL IDOL (idol that has model attributes), when they are filming, they showed their "model" image.
TRENDY magazine got sponsers from 3 top brands (Prada,Agnes.b,TOD`S) including fashion clothes,shoes,accessories for this shooting. When F.Cuz walked out of the dressing room, the bubbly image of them in the past, changed into 4 manly and gorgeous model. F.Cuz totally suits the image of this week`s topic.

F.Cuz lived up to MODEL IDOL title, looks smart in fashion

F.Cuz felt flattered to be able to be in TRENDY again, leader Jinon said: F.Cuz has only debuted 6 months ago, getting chosen by TRENDY, we are very honoured. TRENDY gave us the opportunity to be in the main page. During the interview the last time, i said i`ll keep the magazine to show my kids in the future, looks like i`ll have another one to show them. Very grateful to TRENDY for choosing as F.Cuz, we will perform better and hope the fans will love us more.
During the fanmeet in Taiwan, F.Cuz was banned from eating lots of food,after the filming, LeeU said: Lucky i didn`t eat too much, as we were banned from eating the other time, when i went back to Seoul, i ate grass and exercise everyday , and i dropped 6KG. The food in Taiwan is amazing, i should have lived in Taiwan, the food here suits my taste alot, but i`ve to be on diet so i cant eat too much. The pictures we took today looks great ! pls love us more =D
When the staffs brought snacks and food to the filmsite, F.Cuz can only look and resist their temptation, in order to show a wonderful side of them to the fans and readers. F.Cuz revealed a few exercise moves in the filmsite, Jinon also showed his muscles ! Kan has been doing push-ups,
maknae Yejun looks silently and tries to learn from them.

F.Cuz hope to have fun in Universal Studio and looks forward to meet their fans in Singapore!

F.Cuz will be performing in Sundown Festival at the end of the month, other groups performing are: Korea`s girl group AfterSchool, Japan rock bands L.M.C and SuG. Able to perform with the seniors on the same stage, F.Cuz was very excited by the prospect, and when the knew the venue was in Universal Studio, they were thinking whether they can convince their manager and let them have a bit of fun in Universal Studio, as they did not have much fun after debut. Kan hopes their fans in Singapore can join in the fun with them, he then said: Hope everyone can join us and enjoy a wonderful summer with us !
F.Cuz will be arriving in Singapore on 29th July, on the 30th there will be a fanmeet to meet the idols, and on 31th July they will be performing in Universal Studio. Fans who hasnt get their tickets, hurry up ! tickets sales are selling fast. Hope to see you there !

Source: SINAnews
Translated by: Ham@F.Cuz Singapore
credits to Rositaz for posting at F.Cuz soompi thread

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F.Cuz Popularity Rising Fast !
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