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 Young Gun's Lee Min almost debuted with 2AM

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PostSubject: Young Gun's Lee Min almost debuted with 2AM   Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:03 pm

Young Gun's Lee Min almost debuted with 2AM

Lee Min, member of rookie trio group Young Gun, has been attracting attention due to his pictures with 2AM and 2PM. Lee Min was once a trainee in JYP Entertainment and trained alongside 2AM, 2PM, and the Wonder Girls. He trained for 3 years and was in the final line up for
2PM and 2AM. He even rehearsed with 2AM for 'This Song' and 'Because It's Not It,' and waited to debut. Eventually, he was disqualified and caught the attention of another company representative when he made an appearance on a radio show. He is now a member of Young Gun. Young Gun consists of Lee Min, Na Changsu, and Hong Seokjae and is a highly talented vocal group. They debuted on the 8th with their digital single, 'I Have to Let You Go.'


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Young Gun's Lee Min almost debuted with 2AM
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