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 Karam Chosen as Permanent Guest in ‘Starry Night’

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PostSubject: Karam Chosen as Permanent Guest in ‘Starry Night’   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:20 pm

100714 DGNA Karam Chosen as Permanent Guest in ‘Starry Night’ ‘Transformation to a Problem Counselor for Teens’

DGNA Karam will be transforming to a problem counselor for teens.

Following IU, Karam will become a consulter for listeners on the Advice corner in MBC's FM radio station 1030 'Starry Night'. The Advice corner on 1030 is a section where problems ranging from the teens to the 30s and 40s listeners are discussed so Karam, along with H-Yujin and Gil Hakmi, will provide advice matching to their age group.

'Starry Night's' PD Lee Daeho says the reason that Karam was chosen was because "Even as Karam was preparing for his debut during his highschool years, he has great sympathy for the problems that teens face and has a variety of personal experiences that he can tell" and that "he has wit and can talk well so after a few guest appearances, we decided him to become permanent".

Karam said that "When you're in your teens, little things that adults don't think about can mean a whole lot more. I will become a consulter who can help the listeners even on those small things" and revealed an ambitious readiness.

CREDITS: cox109@newsen.com (source) + kimchiluv@enchanteDNA (translator)


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Karam Chosen as Permanent Guest in ‘Starry Night’
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