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 4minute releases Superstar teaser

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PostSubject: 4minute releases Superstar teaser   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:53 pm

[10.07.15] 4minute releases Superstar teaser

Despite being in the midst of promotions with I My Me Mine (IMMM), 4minute fans got excited on July 15th after a teaser for Superstar was released to the public.

There’s no official word from Cube Entertainment about the exact purpose of this teaser or whether it’s a new song or album. It’s not listed under their IMMM album tracklist for Korea or Japan either.

Sources reveal that a Superstar single was listed for 4minute on Melon.com and scheduled for release on July 19th. So get a preview below while waiting.

Credits: allkpop
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4minute releases Superstar teaser
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