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 DGNA, DBSK no.2?

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PostSubject: DGNA, DBSK no.2?   Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:17 pm

[Sports Chosun T-News Reporter Baek Jieun] The 5 soft boys who bashfully confessed their love by saying "I have
admired you" are now thumping their chests and saying "Because I am a man". The ones who wore pastel toned costumes and showed clear, shining eyes, the ones who showed a blinding eye smile have now disappeared. The
only remains are of a rebel in the stages of strong winds and rough seas. Besides Karam who could not take part in the interview due to other schedules, the four members Hyunmin, Injun, Mika and Jay said that "Even just before the showcase, we kept on readjusting the choreography and really prepared it as best as we could. It was to the point where
we were practicing through every night" and that for the transformation, they revealed their stories of 'bitter tasting petty examples'.

- DGNA the best rebel is?

Matching to their title song 'Stumble Stumble', DGNA has transformed into rebels during puberty where they're slowly understanding the reality of the world and having so many things they want to do but being frustrated because they don't have skills to do it. If that is the case, who is the best rebel in the group? The members all came together and pointed out Jay. They said that the 17* year old has become more sharp to his hyungs*.However they showed they're understanding as they said "isn't this a normal thing for puberty?". Injun said that "Jay has very good manners.
Even if he does more work than his hyungs, he doesn't show any hatred to that and genuinely doesn't hate it" and proudly showed off his persistent brotherly love.

To carry out the new concept, the members concentrated on a blood shedding effort. This is because the choreography, the song and the style had changed 180 degrees. Beginning from bleaching his eyebrows, Hyunmin had bleached his
hair 13 times and had exercised a lot. He said that "because I have a lean physique, I had to make my body through health to give that manly feeling. I eat a lot so I had gained 8kg but in the 2 weeks after our comeback, I lost those 8kg". Because the choreography is so extreme, even if you eat, you lose weight. Along with the extreme choreography and the large accessories, it is easy to get injured as well. Hyunmin said that "if you get too excited while dancing, the body starts to
hurt" and that "I wear a studded bracelet and there is a part where I hit my chest with my fist. Subconsciously I began to get excited so I hammered my chest but because of the bracelet, my clothes ripped". As was expected, Mika said that "I wear a fairly large necklace and whenever I jump during the choreography, the necklace deals a heavy blow in the stomach. The bruises are accumulating at the moment".

- Overseas fans, didn't know they existed but caused near tears

After 'Admiring Boy', they had a bit of a relaxation period while starting their overseas activities. Concentrating mainly on Asian countries such as Thailand, China and Japan, they commenced showcases. Due to starting overseas promotions soon after their debut, they did not know that they had fans and definitely weren't expecting any. However, as the fans came to greet them at the airport and cheered them on, they were touched. It was to the point where some very loyal fans had already determined their lodgings and were following them around. Their popularity is especially hot in Japan. Naturally, they were all trying to memorize the member's names, and it was to the point where at the showcase, they
were able to notice that Hyunmin's throat condition wasn't very good. If that is so, what is the secret to DGNA's popularity? Injun explained that "at the showcase in Japan, we sang a mixture of Shinhwa songs, our songs, and Japanese songs. I think they looked at us highly because we tried to sing and dance live".

DGNA will be facing their debut in Japan in September. Because they need to know and recognize the basics of the language to promote there, they study for 2 hours in the morning, have a revision session in the afternoon and watch dramas and movies to learn Japanese. Of them, the one who shows the most skills is Karam. Mika said that "Out of all of us, Karam is the best at Japanese. During the showcase in Japan, we lost our room key but after Karam explained in Japanese, they gave us the key. I'm not the type to rely on Karam but he looked very cool".

- DBSK no.2?

Ever since their debut, words like 'they are very similar to DBSK' were commonly said about them. It was the fact that they're debut song 'Admiring Boy' had a similar feeling to DBSK's debut song 'Hug'. There are now people saying that the order of being soft at the beginning changing to a strong feeling is also very similar. Also, the name 'DBSK no.2' had
stuck to them as they announced their intentions to promote in Japan. About this, DGNA said that "DBSK is our senior who we have always respected. We nursed our dreams of being a singer through them and we still have lots to learn by watching them". However, they didn't forget to ask "we would like it if we were viewed as DGNA".

In reality, the 5 members all have their own colours*. If you listen to their speciality of singing in acapella, you can feel
all the more of their own attractiveness. Karam with his sweet, beautiful voice, Hyunmin with his husky voice, Jay with his fresh feeling, Injun with his strong sounds, and with Mika who has a refreshing singing ability. Their colours fit so well that they make a perfect harmony.

DGNA says that "we think that us meeting like this is fate. We want to become a long-run group where for the next 20 years, even if we have our own future families ,we can meet up as family and go camping and stay closely, and become a group where we can stand together on stage".

DGNA is currently promoting their song 'Stumble Stumble'. ''Stumble Stumble' shows the member's powerful choreography, styling and singing abilities with its unique sound and polished melody with it being in the electronic pop genre. They said that "we want to be known to the point where as soon as you look, you know its DGNA. In perfect harmony, we will try our best to getDGNA's own atmosphere and colours to be known" and showed their determination.

credits: silk781220@sportschosun.com (source) + noodle@sportschosun.com (pictures) +
kimchiluv@enchanteDNA (translator)

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PostSubject: Re: DGNA, DBSK no.2?   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:05 pm

ax ta poulakia mou!! krima pou eleipe o karam!!
the best rebel is Jay~ (we love rebels)
LOL dn to skeftika pote oti mporei na tous xtupane ta accessories tous!! kaimenoi...

Quote :
"I'm not the type to rely on Karam but he looked very cool".

dear leader-shi!! ti 8a pei you're not the type to rely on Karam?? allo an elege i'm not the type to rely on others. giati Karam sugkekrimena?? to parablepw epeidi meta leei oti einai cool~ (kai nai to bunny mou fusika kai kserei iapwnika :P)

oso gia to DBSK no.2
8ewrw oti einai polu adiko otan tous apokaloun etsi!! ka8e group einai ksexwristo kai dn 8a eprepe na sugkrinontai!! kai kala kanan kai eipan oti 8eloun na tous blepoun san DGNA!!
kai gia na lu8ei opoiadipote pareksigisi:
dn eipan pote oti 8eloun na ginoun oi 2oi DBSK!! kanena apo ta meli dn eipe pote auto!! eipan oti ts 8aumazoun kai 8eloun na ginoun toso petuximenoi oso oi DBSK!! giati einai kako auto??? to oti 8eloun na petuxoun kai exoun ws protupo ena apo ta pio petuximena groups einai kako dld?? tespa

waiting for their debut in Japan!!!mono mn mas fugoun kai autoi entelws iapwnia...
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DGNA, DBSK no.2?
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