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 Honeymooners meet Kwon and Gain in flight from Bali

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PostSubject: Honeymooners meet Kwon and Gain in flight from Bali   Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:54 pm

Honeymooners meet Kwon and Gain in flight from Bali

Omitted talk about gall addiction

I met my Seoul branch hoobae...

Thatguy/girl got married on the 8th of May...

I had forgotten that their honeymoon was to Bali.........

Without any thought, I was flailing like on Saturday I have to watch WGM T_T Kwonnie and Gain are so cute~

I said to wait a while before going to dinner kekeke

Anyway, the hoobae said that they (Kwon and Gain) were on the same plane when
they were coming back from the honeymoon...

When they went on, they (the married couple) quickly saw them (Kwon and Gain) because
people were taking pictures of them, and when they got out of the plane they saw them, and apparently they came out together...

So I asked if they looked close to one another (I fangirled T_T) I asked if s/he took pictures

And s/he said that they didn't have batteries so they couldn't take pictures...

On the plane they looked close but when they got out, there were a lot of people so they
were slightly cautious

S/he said that hehe and s/he put on a smile of satisfaction hehehe

S/he talked about how Kwon tied up his hair (we also saw it on a photo ^^)

And Gainnie isn't gasp~ pretty but she's really attractive looking

And... she's very very white... and thin

Also her shins and thighs were uncomparably thin hehehe s/he said that...

I wanted to ask more ㅠ x 10

But s/he didn't have any photos and I would have taken them if s/he did..

Anyway,the two looked close and when they arrived to Korea and got out, there
were a lot of people so they were being cautious

And... S/he didn't see their filming (since they had their own schedule)

But they filmed it at the resort next to theirs... Since in Bali it's pretty much all the same-looking............

I was really jealous~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Omitted blahblahblah

I'm just sorry that there's no proof ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

credits: DCInside

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Honeymooners meet Kwon and Gain in flight from Bali
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