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 SoHyun and Hyuna Shown Their Support to G.Na Choi

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PostSubject: SoHyun and Hyuna Shown Their Support to G.Na Choi   Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:42 am

[10.07.14] SoHyun and Gayoon Shown Their Support to G.Na Choi

Cube Entertainment's newest soloist: G.Na Choi, has just released her latest solo album and amazingly, our 4Minute girls have shown their support by updating their Cyworld and posting sweet and encouraging messages.

SoHyun posted a message that surprisingly described her very close relationship with the debuting solo artist as well as her jealousy with the love story she got from the music video:

“Did you see the music video of my sister? It’s so sweet and adorable. I’m jealous of the love story she gets hoho, but I’ll keep my head held high.”

On the other hand, HyunA posted a message cheering both G.Na as well as her group members for their upcoming promotions. She also expressed how much they got close for a very short time, for as you can remember, HyunA got to work with her during her CHANGE promotions with G.Na as one of her back-up dancers. This is what she have posted:

“Her video is finally released! Honestly, she did real good! Maybe a little too good. It made me a little nervous.”

“We’ll be going to Japan very soon, and G.NA has been very supportive of us. We have already known each other for awhile now, and we’ve gone through so much together as good friends. Even though we have a ton of rehearsals to attend to, well always be cheering G.NA on.”

Source: Allkpop
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SoHyun and Hyuna Shown Their Support to G.Na Choi
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