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 2AM wraps up a successful showcase in Singapore

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PostSubject: 2AM wraps up a successful showcase in Singapore   Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:36 am

2AM wraps up a successful showcase in Singapore

2AM was recently in sunny Singapore
where they had a press conference and showcase and allkpop
was on hand to do full coverage of these special events.

Before their showcase on the 10th, the boys held a press conference
where they talked about their album and other things.

The following are excerpts from the event:
- BEG’s Ga-In had told her “husband”, Jo
that Singapore was a clean city and introduced him to a
famous local dish, Jumbo Seafood’s Chilli Crab.

- 2AM also touched base with Singapore’s artiste, Derrick Hoh
(何維健) and they exchanged CDs, had dinner, tweeting,

- Qn) Most Romantic thing 2AM done for a lady?
Jinwoon: Surprising the lady with flowers and cake.
Jo Kwon: Through WGM, I got to surprised Ga-In at JYP’s
Changmin: Editing photos into a music video and giving it to a lady as a
Seulong: Singing to the lady.

- Qn) Do they prefer younger or older women?
Jin Woon : If I choose a younger lady, she will be underaged.
Jo Kwon : Older.
Changmin : Older.
Seulong : Doesn’t matter.

- Jinwoon briefly mentioned about his time at South Africa for the
World Cup to record a SBS variety show
and said it was a great experience and he was happy he could

- Their latest album as included dancing etc which was different from
what they usually do in the past albums.

- Qn) How difficult was it to sing and dance?
Jo Kwon: Before being a singer, we had to practice dance and acrobatics
Seulong: Being a good singer, you have to be multi talented. We had to
go through dancing, singer and acting.

- Qn) How difficult their journey has been, since July 11th marked
their 2nd year anniversary?
Jinwoon : After becoming famous, we have to be careful with our every
move and not to make mistakes.
After the press conference, they proceeded with their showcase at IMM
Garden Plaza where they were greeted by 3,000 supportive fans.

A representative from Singapore revealed, “This showcase sparked
the rise in album releases and broadcast counts. In the near future,
there will be good results for 2AM on the Singapore music chart.”

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon expressed, “I was surprised at the
Singaporean fans for energetically singing along to I Did Wrong. We hope
to actively partake in overseas activities in the future for the sake
of our fans in Asia.”

The boys will return to Korea on the 12th.
Many thanks to Wyelin Chiu for covering the events, Leo
Ling Fang
@ Warner Music Singapore for making
this possible and jovenaloon for the videos.

Check out videos and pictures from the events below.


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2AM wraps up a successful showcase in Singapore
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