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 Nicole-Jinwoon-Hara get in a love triangle!?

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PostSubject: Nicole-Jinwoon-Hara get in a love triangle!?   Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:09 am

Nicole-Jinwoon-Hara get in a love triangle!?

Kara Nicole, Goo Hara, 2AM Jinwoon,
love triangle?

The episode of SBS 'Haha Mong Show' to be aired
on the 11th, Kara became the first main character of the day-to-day
mother service corner, 'Mother Requests', where an actual mother's
request is registered, and the said day-to-day mothers go to the

On this day, the same-age friend of Goo Hara and Nicole
as a 91er, Jinwoon, surprise visited the house as a housewarming guest.

with day-to-day mothers Haha and MC Mong, woke up Kara, washing them
themselves and taking care of them.

Meanwhile, it is said that in
Goo Hara and Nicole's room, evidence (?) was spotted about Jinwoon,
producing suspicion that the three were in a love triangle.

Mong Show' is going to be aired on the coming 11th at 10:45AM.

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Nicole-Jinwoon-Hara get in a love triangle!?
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