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 BIG NEWS η Jessica πλεον δεν ειναι μελος των SNSD !!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: BIG NEWS η Jessica πλεον δεν ειναι μελος των SNSD !!!!!!!!!   Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:17 am

BREAKING: SM Entertainment announces Jessica will no longer be part of Girls’ Generation

Earlier today, Jessica made a post on her Weibo revealing that she was being kicked out of Girls’ Generation. Now, SM Entertainment has released a statement on the matter.

In a statement by SM Entertainment, the company revealed that Jessica would no longer be part of Girls Generation. They will be promoting as 8 members instead, moving forward. Read their full statement below:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We are offering our position on the message posted on Jessica’s Weibo posted today.

This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us that she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.

Despite Jessica’s sudden notice, the agency and the Girls’ Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls’ Generation’s activities can continue in the best possible direction.

However, in the midst of insufficient clear negotiations regarding conflicts of differences in priorities and interest, Jessica started her fashion business.

Due to this, despite ongoing talks, it has come to a point where the team could not be maintained any longer.

Thus, the agency had no choice but to pull up Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members earlier than planned, and in the midst of while working out when to announce this, Jessica had posted her words early this morning.

From here on, our agency will continue to support and manage the 8-member Girls’ Generation and Jessica’s individual activities.

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BIG NEWS η Jessica πλεον δεν ειναι μελος των SNSD !!!!!!!!!
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