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 Kuelemelelele's work! <3

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Kuelemelelele's work! <3 Empty
PostSubject: Kuelemelelele's work! <3   Kuelemelelele's work! <3 EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 7:13 am

OnTae [Onew/Taemin]

Enjoy. ^^

"I will always be waiting"

You were beautiful. You were beautiful, delicate, pale. Your skin carried signs that you were hiding from the whole world, but which locations only I knew. I knew your body so well that if you had meridians and parallels drawn on you, I could perfectly mark your every scar and mole. Your childhood wasn't easy. Your father beat you, your mother wasn't much better. She could come into your room at night and cut your back with a broken bottle, or take your shirt off in the middle of the day and burn yoour fresh wound with a hot iron. "She liked to look at my face when I suffered", You said. These are the stories that only I knew. You were afraid of my touch, remember? You were afraid of anyone who tried to touch You. To this day I'm amazed why was it ME that You trusted. I don't even know when it all started to get out of my control. Maybe when I saw You in a shower? You know it was an accident, I didn't suspect that You were there, crying. You never gave me my money that you promised me for a soaked phone, after I just entered the cabin and hugged You tight. I was suprised by my attitude, but even more by yours when You just let me do it. I was afraid to touch Your fragile, velvet skin You know? They say that angles shouldn't be touched becouse they will lose their beautiful glow. You never lost Your glow, despite me touching You very often, my Angel.
To this day I can't forget the moment when I told You what I felt. But Your laugh didn't hurt more than Your future unconcern. It dissapeared only when I came to You at night. I hugged You, kissing Your pale neck, naked, beautiful collarbones and chest, so painfully disfigured by scars caused by the embers from cigarettes that were touching Your skin.
Once, I managed to be bold, looking at Your smile after a told story, to get on a higher level. We made love with each other many times, but not in flesh but heart, You said. After what I've heard, physical contact was a closed area for me, I just looked at Your naked body, rubbing it as if it was the most delicate of porcelain dolls, being afraid of erasing imagined, white powder.
Sex wasn't necessary, tough it happened a few times. You bit me, leaving a round sings, similar to Yours. The difference was that I carried mine with pride, and You never told me about Yours, shaped like that. I'm beggining to think about them now, a few months after You left.
We both knew that it couldn't last forever, that our love isn't the one that can survive everything. It was just a moment, or a few moments, filled with incredible aura, filled with a feeling so light, sick and fleeting like a butterfly.
You dissapeared just after they began to suspect something. I tried to stop You just to help You pack Your bags a few moments later. You left the hotel room closing the door behind You. Some rumors say that You changed Your name and left for USA, others, that You're hiding somewhere in Seul. I'm not searching for You, You will find me when You decide that the time has come. I can only wait, recalling You with the other guys. I told them about us when electricity went off. You know that it's easier to talk in the dark, becouse You can only feel their gaze on yourself. Their reaction was a sincere smile and wishes that my heart will quickly deal with the loss. Do I really miss You? When I look at our photos, I smile. I miss You, but I know that You fallowed your heart. You fallowed it's voice through Your entire life, I never doubted You won't do it this time. When I lie in my bed and look at the balcony while the stars are shining, sometimes I can see You there, but You disappear when I blink. You're a fata morgana, You never where anything else.
Sometimes I wonder what You think about me. Do you lie down and imagine what has changed, if I'm alive, how am I living, do I have someone. Then I wonder and imagine Your smile. I think that You'll appear soon and hug me like before, and I'll kiss Your scars, moles and signs again. Wherever You are, know, that I'm waiting. I will always be waiting.
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Kuelemelelele's work! <3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kuelemelelele's work! <3   Kuelemelelele's work! <3 EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 5:33 am

I am glad you posted it!
I am not into SHINee but I'll try read this later and let you know about my opinion!

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Kuelemelelele's work! <3
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