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 [NEWS]U-KISS to hold concerts in North America?

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PostSubject: [NEWS]U-KISS to hold concerts in North America?   Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:14 pm

Idol group U-KISS successfully held fan meets from Tokyo to Nagoya.

U-KISS had previously sold out approximately 10,000 seats for their July 18th fan meet in Tokyo and they continued their popularity with approximately 5,000 fans gathering for their July 24th fan meet in Nagoya.

U-KISS has received positive reviews for appearing with the whole team for the movie preview of “My Black Mini Dress” in which Dongho starred in. Dongho is also a part of the cast for “Don’t Cry Mommy” which is planned to be released in Japan. With all these promotions, it’s expected that U-KISS’s footing in Japan will become more stable.

U-KISS’s Japanese management company, AVEX showed their amazement in the large amount of fans U-KISS gathered in the small amount of time they had, as well as showing their confidence for U-KISS’s future success in Japan.

Additionally, U-KISS is scheduled for another fan meet in Osaka which will provide 5,000 seats, but their popularity was once again shown as more than 10,000 fans gathered and sold out the tickets for the event within a day.

U-KISS’s management announced, “There’s only about a month left in U-KISS’s Japanese promotions. When they’re done with their promotions in Japan, they will return to promote in Korea. Along with their comeback in Korea, there are offers on the table for concerts in 4 Southeast Asian nations, the United States, and Canada, so we are currently figuring out dates”.

U-Kiss was recently labeled as a ‘Global Group’ for their proficiency in speaking Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Source: bntnews via Nate
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PostSubject: Re: [NEWS]U-KISS to hold concerts in North America?   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:16 pm

so proud of them! ^^♥️

Αντε και Ευρωπη του χρονου..

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[NEWS]U-KISS to hold concerts in North America?
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