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 [NEWS] Recording title song, "We play when we play, and work hard when we work."

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PostSubject: [NEWS] Recording title song, "We play when we play, and work hard when we work."    Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:36 am

Many idols are advancing to Japan these days. Issue Daily prepared fans a special series of some of Japanese pop culture. ‘U-Kiss Japanese Communication’ is what we provided for the fans.

‘U-Kiss Japanese Communication’ reveals U-Kiss behind the scene moments in Japan through various photos. U-Kiss is a 7 member group who recently signed contract with Japanese biggest entertainment group, Avex.

Focusing with leader Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, Dongho, Hoon, and AJ, let’s learn about how U-Kiss feels about their advancement.

Hello~ I’m U-Kiss’s leader Soohyun. I know that it’s rainy season in Korea. It also rains frequently in Japan. Wherever you guys are, I hope the season won’t affect you guys ^^.

The picture I’m about to show right now was taken from a scene that was filmed in a movie. Although it was extremely hot the day we visited, it was interesting to see all the different aspects of this place. The members look excited right? ^^

This pictures show the members enjoying the sedan chair (carriage). They look like little kids right? It felt like I was part of the royal family back in the days. But soon, I broke out into a funny expression. Even with the hectic schedule, I was happy we were able to have fun.

fter our short break, we went back to the recording studio. We’re currently recording for our Japanese debut single. We’re planning to come back soon to our Japanese fans with a new song. Even in the recording studio, the members’ never stopped to play around! The other members refused to reveal their fresh faces, but I just did anyway hehe~. Fresh faces are okay right? Oh right! We’re in a recording studio called ‘Branch Studio’ in Osaka! This studio is famous for having Boyz II Men record their concert album! We want to be famous world wide like Boyz II Men so please watch out for us.

We’re always playing around, but when we’re in the studio, everyone is in their ‘work’ mode. Maknae Dongho’s serious expression! Even when Kevin was done with his parts, he took the time to monitor all the members’ parts. That shows how much he loves us right? ^^ Well, this was leader Soohyun signing off~ Please look forward to our future outings.

Article Credit: Daily Issue
Translations: r2pi


i was kinda late though..
ah anyway~ ^__^♥

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[NEWS] Recording title song, "We play when we play, and work hard when we work."
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