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 [NEWS] U-Kiss Continues to Work Towards their Japanese Debut

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PostSubject: [NEWS] U-Kiss Continues to Work Towards their Japanese Debut   Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:49 am

U-Kiss works towards their Japan Tour with a great passion.

U-Kiss is aiming to take a different approach from other idol groups by starting their debut in Osaka.
Since June, U-Kiss has adapted to the dormitory lifestyle. The members have develop a liking towards Japanese cuisine, especially takoyaki. They frequently practice their Japanese skills by talking to the store owner as well as working hard to study the language.
The maknae, Dongho, enjoys baseball a lot and could not contain his excitement to be able to experience the center of Kokyo Baseball, Koshien Stadium.
Currently, they have plans to release a DVD of their everyday life in Osaka.
With U-Kiss multi-national members', they have high hopes in achieving success in Japan.
Credits: Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET (translations)

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[NEWS] U-Kiss Continues to Work Towards their Japanese Debut
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