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 Epik high

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PostSubject: Epik high   Epik high EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 3:53 am

Epeidi i epik high einai poliiiiiii kaloi i thought oti tha prepe n iparxei ena post sxetika me autous ,ean iparxei idi mporei o admin na to afairesei.
iparxun kai alla bands like them alla autoi einai pio gnwstoi se emas isws.
Tablo : rapping, vocals, songwriting, composing, programming
Mithra Jin: rapping, vocals, songwriting, composing
DJ Tukutz : turntables, programming, samples, songwriting, vocals, composing

Epik High is part of The Movement, a Korean hip-hop crew, which includes several other well-known hip-hop artists

Studio albums
2003: Map of the Human Soul
2004: High Society
2005: Swan Songs
2007: Remapping the Human Soul
2008: Pieces, Part One
2009: (e)
2010: Epilogue
2008: Lovescream
2006: Black Swan Songs (Repackaged)
2009: Map the Soul
2009: Remixing The Human Soul

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Epik high
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