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 Twitter updates

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PostSubject: Twitter updates   Wed May 04, 2011 10:14 pm

frog799 : Everyone~~Come play at the bazar~I'm preparing and getting ready at the moment~~~

frog799 @hyekyeong3 : Be careful when driving~

hyekyeong3 @frog799 : OK!

ribbonjade @frog799 : I don't like the idea that Noona doesn't eat meat anymore. ㅋ

frog799 @ribbonjade : Myung Ki Ah~ is lonely? What about Noona?

frog799 @ribbonjade : It's complicated.

frog799 @hyekyeong3 : Tweeting while driving isn't right.

At Apkujeong 10CorsoComo.The gallery departement store was at the opposite side.For your information it was arranged for me to go, on my schedule ..Although i couldn't meet my schedule,i feel regretful~~~^^

frog799 @steveyoni : Ah~ Yoni only come and fast~~~<<

KimSooro @frog799 : Hyori Ya~~~~~Are you coming today?

frog799 @KimSooro : Huh?Oppa to where?


Registered to see Oppa's performance.~~
gori7911 @frog799 (Hyori) : I miss watching your performances.

frog799 (Hyori) @gori7911 :Oh God~~ I thought you were Jesus when i saw you profile picture.

gori7911 @frog799 (Hyori) : Show your face a little more.. We haven't seen your face on TV lately. We don't see you on TV anymore!

frog799 (Hyori) @gori7911 : Yes,i'll show my face to you on TV and in private.

@frog799 : Soon Shim and i out on a date,the sunset was so beautiful!

@frog799 to @kinolove1124 (her manager) : How is it?


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Twitter updates
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