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 K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)

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PostSubject: K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:08 am

Birth name:Kim Hyung-Soo
Stage name : K.Will
Korean: 김형수
Birthday: 30.12.1981
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 69 kg
Blood type : O
Family : Father and Mother (he’s only child.)
Favorite color : Shades of Blue
Hobbies : Graffiti, watching sports, playing basketball, bowling
Precious things : Diary, ring
Ideal type of woman : Smart girl
Occupations:Singer, vocal coach, dancer, composer, actor(he is also a host of "the musit")
Musician he want to meet : Stevie Wonder
Pet : A cat names “monkey”
Personality : funny, chatterbox but a little bit shy and non-smoker
Origin: South Korea

K.Will’s Discography:
ta OST dn ta grafw giati 8a 3hmerwsoume xD

Ta MV's tou

Miss Miss Miss

My heart beating

케이윌_선물 feat.은지원 (Gift)


Kim Hyung-Soo , better known by his stage name K.Will is a South Korean ballad singer, vocal coach, dancer, composer, and actor. K.Will first became known in South Korean through his single called “Dream” in “A Love to Kill” OST, released in 2006. A year after his single and 5 years after as a trainee and a vocal coach, he released his first album “Left Heart” in 2007. Then, after two years, he came back with a successful single, "Love 119," in December 2008. This was followed by a mini album “Dropping the Tears” in April 2009 and his second album “Miss, Miss and Miss” in November 2009.
K.Will has a great deal of collaborations and drama soundtracks to his name, and can even rap and dance


K.Will participated in lots of auditions and looked for potential composers to be able to sing more.[6] When he was a trainee, he would do anything to sing, such as performing at street concerts, singing backup, or singing the chorus for more famous artists. During that time, his friendships with today well-known artists--8Eight, Lim Jeong-Hee, SG Wannabe, Sweet Sorrow, etc.--started.
During his work as a vocal guide (guide vocalist), K.Will also was part of an amateur a cappella group and performed at street concerts around the country for two years.[7]
K.Will is frequently mistaken as the songwriter for TVXQ's “Hug” and it was clarified by an interview on KBS World.

s:wikipedia & http://allaboutkwill.wordpress.com
Ton latrevw auton ton an8rwpo!Me empneei apisteuta kai h8ela na ton "gnwrisw" sta upoloipa melh tou forum.
dn zhtaw na ginei thread gi'auton mias kai (pistevw oti) dn asxolountai polu mazi tou kai 8a ein kai ena epipleon "varos" (pantws an ginei eim diate8hmenh na tn analavw^^)
auth th stigmh 8elw mono na vrw atoma pou endiaferontai gia ton K.WILL

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PostSubject: Re: K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:23 am

vasika den ton i3era pio prin alla twra pou ton akousa mou fanike pl endiaferon!! h fwni tou einai para pl omorfi,einai pl kalos!! kai mou aresan trela ta story sta MV's tou! kala to "My heart beating" to latrepasaa ...einai toso glyko!
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PostSubject: Re: K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:34 am

OMG!! K .Will δεν είχε thread?? AIΣΧΟΣ
Είνια ΄τελειος!! εχει ακλπηκτική φωνή με τόσο συναίσθημα!!
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PostSubject: Re: K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)   Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:39 am

K.Will performs his goodbye stage with "My Heart Is Beating" on Music Core


After a successful run with his mini-album and title song of the same title, "My Heart Is Beating," K.Will departs MBS Music Core with a goodbye stage tonight. K.Will released his second mini-album on March 10th and released a total of two music videos featuring IU, MBLAQ's Leejoon, and Starship Entertainment trainee, Minwoo.

During his promotions, K.Will snatched one K-Chart win on April 9th for his song, "My Heart Is Beating."

Tonight, K.Will's special goodbye stage involved an all white-blue stage with a simple rainbow in the background and clouds that gave off a dreamlike feeling.


Source: chouchihching110212,koreaboo
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PostSubject: Re: K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)   Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:01 am

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PostSubject: Re: K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)   

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K.will (Kim Hyung-Soo)
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