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 [SNSD] SNSD releases ‘Dance version’ MV for “MR. TAXI”!

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Rena K

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PostSubject: [SNSD] SNSD releases ‘Dance version’ MV for “MR. TAXI”!   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:38 am

Alright Sones, it’s finally here – SNSD dropped their newest MV for their third Japanese single, “MR. TAXI“.

Dressed in the characteristic cab colors of black and yellow, these gorgeous nine ladies delivered a fun and energetic dance that could very well sneak into your next taxi-hailing venture! We’re mashing the replay button already, and it’s only the ‘Dance version’ of the video.

Check out “MR. TAXI” below!

Credits: http://www.allkpop.com


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PostSubject: Re: [SNSD] SNSD releases ‘Dance version’ MV for “MR. TAXI”!   Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:59 am

1)Ta rouxa tous m'aresoun trelaaaaa (eidika ta 2a pou forane)
2)h Sunny ti ein edw sexy h cute??? (dn mporw na apofasiswwwww!!!!)
3)to tragoudi exei pl wraio ru8mo kai pl "funny" xoreutiko
4)epitelous h hyeoyon deixnei 8ea!!!! (gt h sm polu thn eixe paramelhsei)
5)trelenomai gia to makru malli ths SOOYOUNG!!!
6)h mpoukla ths jessica me pe8ainei (tuxere eris)
7)h seohyun 8a mporouse na exei ena pio appealing hairstyle (proswpikh apopsh)
8)h yoona....dn m poluarese me ta kitrina.. :/
9) h leader oso paei ginetai kai pio... *emeine xwris logia*

auta mexri stigmhs..PERIMENW TO FULL MV!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: [SNSD] SNSD releases ‘Dance version’ MV for “MR. TAXI”!   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:59 am

H χορογραφια μονο σε μενα φαινεται σαν μιξη κομματιων απο ολες τους τις χορογραφιες? Εχει απο Hoot, απο Genie και παει λεγοντας.. Γενικως δεν με τρελανε, περιμενα κατι καλυτερο...
Το τραγουδι και το styling μ'αρεσαν πολυ ομως!!
Για μενα οι πιο ωραιες εδω ηταν Hyoyeon, Yuri (τους πανε τα ανοιχτοχρωμα μαλλια! *_*) και Taeyeon!!
Περιμενω κ εγω το full MV για να καταληξω!

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PostSubject: Re: [SNSD] SNSD releases ‘Dance version’ MV for “MR. TAXI”!   

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[SNSD] SNSD releases ‘Dance version’ MV for “MR. TAXI”!
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