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 Compared to you I'm a genius

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PostSubject: Re: Compared to you I'm a genius   Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:24 pm

Σοφία εδώ από Θεσσαλονίκη πλέον 19 χρονών γριούλα xD SHINee, MBLAQ, B2st και TVXQ fangirl ^^ αυτούς που δεν θα ακουμπήσεις με την καμία είναι Jang Hyun Seung (ΑΠΟΛΥΤΟ BIAS) Yunho (ΜΗΝ ΤΟΛΜΗΣΕΙΣ...έρχεται αμέσως μετά), Lee Joon, Thunder, Kim Hyung Joon και Yesung.καλά η λίστα συνεχίζει προς το άπειρο αλλα τι να λέμε τώρα xD

πάρε λίγο MBLAQ αγάπη <3

'....they don't even throw fits when antis come their way and try to diss their OTP.They handle it in a very mature way and realize not everyone will agree with them.It annoes me that people have to be so mean towards them about something they just DON'T agree with.'
~Love my soulmates, support Yunjae

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PostSubject: Re: Compared to you I'm a genius   Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:37 am

@ellieBC lol xD lipamai dongsaeng, den eimai easily intimidated! eksou k o kyu gia bias. alla einai xaritwmeno pou prospa8eis xD

@Danai GD is love <3 latrevw ta pink mallia t teleutaia!!! mono autos mporouse n t petixei etc!! xaxaxaxa oso gia t palh me tin ellie dont worry, de vriskw kanena logo n tsakw8w m kanenan edw p exei t dika t bias. st mialo m imaste oloi delusional :p eksalou, otan mia fan eixe pei ston kyu "you are mine" autos eipe "no. i am mine" apla pragmata <3333

@maria95key xaxaxaxaxa oh no no no! den allazw kyu k jae gia kanenan allo! eli is yours girl ;)

@Goregasm oxi kai grioula sta 19!! ti n pw egw tote?? :p

@jennypara, @~Kate @lana118 annyong~ @agelicaso @IreneSHINee :)
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Compared to you I'm a genius
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