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 Everything 2AM has sung has become a hit!

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PostSubject: Everything 2AM has sung has become a hit!   Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:20 am

Everything 2AM has sung has become a hit!

Idol group 2AM is writing a new formula in the music industry of 2010.

is because no less than 5 songs announced by 2AM in the earlier half of
this year has taken over the number 1 spot in major music charts.

is showing the unpredecented occasion of taking the number 1 spot with
songs of various genre, including 'Even if I Die, I Can’t Send You
Away', 'I Did Wrong', 'We Fell in Love', 'Nagging', annd 'Like A Fool'.

the song that became a hot topic because it was the first dance song
performed by them (2AM), 'I Did Wrong' has already been entered into the
CyMusic Hall of Fame, as well as becoming no. 1 on the 2010 first
half's most loved song presented by the company GeumYoung.

Hit Entertainment, 2AM's management company, said, "We think it was
possible for 2AM to make a hit of 5 songs in consecutive order in the
first half of the year is because, unlike other idol groups, they
receive love from all age ranges".

On the other hand, the 'Moving
Song' which became a hot issue because Jo Kwon had sung it on MBC TV
'We Got Married Season 2' is set to be sold with the title 'The Day of
Confession' on the coming July 1st.

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Everything 2AM has sung has become a hit!
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