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 Karam ate a sea horse!

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PostSubject: Karam ate a sea horse!   Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:41 am

[NEWS] 100625 Baek Boram, “D-NA fans, I’m sorry.”, Karam ate a sea horse!

Baek Boram fed idol group D-NA’s Karam with a sea horse.

On ‘Bokbulbok Season 2’, Nam Heesuk, Lee Byeongjin, Karam (D-NA), Baek Boram, and Oh Jihun went to Gorangseo (China) to taste some rare food.

The first food that they met is sea-horse. They couldn’t hide their feelings about the smell and appearance of the sea-horse. The member was horrified and thought, “Dried things would be better.”

The next one is Baek Boram, who was chosen by a special grandfather there. She chose Karam confidently while not thinking about anti-fans. She said that she started to feel afraid. And she also said to D-NA fans, “I’m doing this so that Karam could get a one-shot (camera).” She quickly apologized and laughter aroused.

Karam who couldn’t even eat a fresh fish get his courage and tried the sea-horse. Karam then ate it and received some applause.

Meanwhile, some other food also make an appearance on that day in the show. Lug worm pudding, roast lug worm, toad soup, etc. It brings impact to the member and bring some laughter to viewers.


Source: Reviewstar.net
Translation: dianapetrina@enchanteDNA.com


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Karam ate a sea horse!
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