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 [Big Bang] Big Bang remains strong despite long hiatus!

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PostSubject: [Big Bang] Big Bang remains strong despite long hiatus!   Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:37 am

Their new album has debuted on Billboard in Heatseekers Chart and World Album Chart. Moreover, TONIGHT also managed to be in Top 10 on iTunes Chart in America and Europe. Therefore, it has attracted public’s attention. BIGBANG has made their official comeback during an hour special, ‘The BIGBANG Show’ produced by SBS on February 27th. Moreover, on March 3rd, Mnet had also aired another special episode, ‘BIGBANG TV LIVE’.

However, from the interview done in YG Entertainment headquarter on March 4th, we know that they are burdened with their status as an idol group and as a senior in the music industry. They are also aspiring to become like their role model 'C’est si Bon' and transform into real musicians. During their long hiatus from Korean music industry, each member has become more mature.

G-Dragon said, “If we were said to be idols that were ‘growing’, then we are more like ‘musicians’ now. If we were said to be a group in the past, then this time, we can be said to be a collaboration of 5 individual artists and we cooperate and unite at this time."

Taeyang also said, “TONIGHT’ is an album that we have been working on for 2 years and we have showed our full potential in it. We have become more matured and enjoyed more freedom in producing music and expressing our individual style in this album."

When they debuted, they were crowned as ‘the musicians-like idols’ since they are able to produce their own songs, therefore, attracting much attention. In fact, BIGBANG has played a leading role in the music of the idol market nowadays.

From growing IDOL to perfect MUSICIAN

G-Dragon said, “I think that what we call as idols nowadays are those groups with 5-6 members who wear stylish clothes but they just deliver ‘formatted’ performances, like dancing and smiling according to a standard rule. GD&T.O.P has showed others that we can play on the stage with the music that we like.”

He further elaborated, “If we do so, then we can provide a better direction for the juniors. What we are doing is the music that we like. We are not producing music according to idol frame setting since we do not have the mindset that we must become ‘artist’ in the first place."

TOP also said, “The crowd has certain expectation for BIGBANG’s ‘musician image’ more than our own individual image. We want to become group that others would feel close to and well-received.” It has already been 5 years since their debut in 2006.

In Korean music industry, it is almost like an unspoken rule that every top idol group would be broken up after 5 years. Thus, it is said that every popular group cannot evade this destiny. H.O.T which can be said to be the master of idol group was disbanded after 5 years and afterward, DBSK, the riding wave of second idol generation also had the same fate after 5 years.

Concerning this, BIGBANG has also shared their opinions with us.

Taeyang, “There are a lot of bad things happened last year and we have also come to the 5th year after we started working together. We have paid attention to the high possibility of idol groups being so easily disbanded these days. However, we think the solution lies in our love towards music. As long as the love that we share towards music does not change, we will not be disbanded.’

Break the ‘Disband-after-5-years’ rule by sincere communication

Daesung said, “After working together for 5-6 years, each of us would develop our mindsets and we would think that ‘we are right’. At this time, we would resolve our differences by communication. After communicating, we would adjust accordingly.”

Even if BIGBANG would change their individual activities direction in the future, they would still carry ‘BIGBANG’ name. One day they would be just like Rolling Stones in the film ‘Shine A Light’, holding a concert at their 60’s. They would like to be stars that grow up with the audience such as their role models, 'C’est si Bon' and others.

Regarding the fact that ‘TONIGHT’ has also garnered a place in foreign charts, G-Dragon said, “We are burdened because we feel that we are competing with foreign artists. We will work harder because of it and we want to try out more things in order to suit the markets of different countries.”

In the foreseeable future, although BIGBANG would still focus on Japanese market, it is high time that they start thinking of advancing to America. TOP expressed, “We do have ambition to advance into the overseas market. As long as the direction is clear, we would like to try it out."

About the Japan tour that they would hold in May

G Dragon said, “The facilities that are provided by YG are as good as those found overseas. We can produce every genres of music we want here.”

Taeyang said, “The Hallyu wave has captured the attention from people all over the world. Riding with the Hallyu wave, we can let our music known by more people.”

In May, BIGBANG will hold their Japan tour and in July, they would come back to Korea and release a new album. In order to compensate the blank period that they left when they were having their hiatus, the proportion of their domestic activities would be large.

The new album has been made by combining both digital and analogue component. (Digilogue). They did not apply strong electronic sound in it but instead, they used acoustic guitar and other musical instruments in order to produce analogue music. Such kind of music can convey more emotions to the fans who are already tired of strong beats.

The title song ‘TONIGHT’ was made in 2009 and after 1 and 1/2 year of amendment, the members claimed it is ‘the song which will never grow old’ and in ‘Café’, we can spot that they have used guitar, drum, piano and other acoustic instruments to deliver the song.

Source: wikitree
Chinese Translation: top_angel @bigbangchina
English Translation: Rice @bigbangupdates
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[Big Bang] Big Bang remains strong despite long hiatus!
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