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 [Big Bang] Big Bang proves "South Korea increases views of Kpop videos by themselves" wrong

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PostSubject: [Big Bang] Big Bang proves "South Korea increases views of Kpop videos by themselves" wrong   Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:24 am

BIGBANG just released the MV for their song, TONIGHT, and in just 2 days, it already recorded a total of 450,000 views on their official Youtube channel. (Note: It's near to 2 million now. See screencap.) Moreover, their comeback show on SBS, aired last February 28, has also more than 200,000 views already.

TONIGHT's MV, has broken many records on Youtube, which attracted a lot of attention. Moreover, it also proved Japanese Taro Kimura's theory wrong. He said before, "South Korea is trying to increase views of KPOP videos by themselves."

TONIGHT's MV ranked 2nd place in both Korea and Japan and under Youtube Japan's music category, Japan has the biggest number of "replies", "favorites" and "ratings".

The music video has entered charts of some interesting countries too. It was 2nd place in Australia, 4th place both in Hong Kong and Taiwan, 5th place in New Zealand and 6th in France. In India, Switzerland, Mexico and Spain, the music video has been in their Youtube charts too.

Views for the video don't only come from Asian countries but they're from all over the world. Therefore, saying that South Korea increases Youtube views by themselves is not valid since it is costly and not even probably feasible.

BIGBANG, breaking records on Youtube, is actually expected. Since October of 2005, over 150,000 has already been subscribed to their channel and has a total of 5,780,002 views. When they released the teaser of their title song last February 24, they had 1,710,000 views within just 2 days, which shows how eager their fans are for their comeback.

A YG representative said, "We are trying to meet the fans all over the world via Youtube, iTunes, etc. We also feel that the results of this for the new album have been fruitful so we're very happy about it."

Source: Hankooki

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[Big Bang] Big Bang proves "South Korea increases views of Kpop videos by themselves" wrong
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