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 [Big Bang] Big Bang Q&A from Melon

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PostSubject: [Big Bang] Big Bang Q&A from Melon    Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:09 am

After solo and unit activities Big Bang returned after 2 years to where they’re the best, as 5 members, with a new album. Big Bang’s comeback which was regarded as a big issue in the music industry did not let down as their chart-topping album garnered much attention. A group that does not require further explanation has emerged.

After creating a chaos in the music industry Big Bang gave direct answers to all your questions. Back with a more colorful and stronger look than ever, meet the Big Bang!

*The following questions were submitted by fans through twitter and me2day.*

(yoong_duck) What was the most worrying thing while in preparation for your comeback?
GD: The burden this time was bigger than ever before. The members only realized how really important this album was after constantly hearing the words “this time it’s really important! this time it’s really important!”. But the burden seems to be helpful in the end because you get good results, so I’m also glad.

(Grey_with_Joon) Was it better doing activities as solo artists? or…is it better as a team?
Seungri: There’s advantages and disadvantages. If you’re asking which one is better I’d have to answer both are. Even so, together with the members it’s more stable and I have more fun.

(Choihee072) All five members getting up on stage in a long time, after the first broadcast is there anything you wanted to do?
Taeyang: Maybe because we were the most curious about the fan’s reaction….all of us together wanted to monitor their reaction. If everybody likes our music, I think we’ll be happy.

(Onsemiro) How does it feel releasing an album after 2 years and 3 months in the name of Big Bang?
Daesung: Being able to meet with fans after a long time felt good. We worked so hard and seeing fans enjoy it..it’s a nice feeling~

(reack_ij) What’s Big Bang the most scared of?
TOP: Ghosts?

(kminh17) Each of the members favorite song from this album?
Daesung: For some reason CAFE is the song I like to hear the most. The progress of the melody, the lyrics, everything, it’s my favorite one to listen to.

(더블비) Do all five members from Big Bang plan going on radio shows?
Taeyang: Yes~ If given the opportunity we’d like meet with everyone via radio. Although stage broadcasts are also fun but being on the radio also has a charm and fun side.

(realzzini) Can I look forward to Big Show!!!!?
Taeyang: This year you can expect that the Big Show will be good. Above all, in this year’s Big Show, Big Bang’s 4th mini-abum will be firstly revealed. ^^

(별빛로드) Amongst the members who is the member with the best body?
Seungri: Even though they all have good bodies…I think that Daesung hyung’s body is really cool. Above all, Daesung hyung’s eating, he exercises and carefully picks one by one what he eats. Seeing his self-management side gives him a really cool/handsome feeling.

(Y_Ram0218) What do the five members do when having fun?
Daesung: There’s nothing that we do in particular to have fun, but because the relationship between the members is so good we have a lot of fun, as long as we’re doing stuff together, it’s fun. Even when we don’t have any rest we’re still able to laugh.

(BANGDOL) To the fans that waited for you for so long, please give us a word!
Seungri: For your unchanged patience, Thank you. For as long as you have waited, expect to see a lot of our cool features. I’ll show you lots and lots!

(성진환부인) Why did you keep on putting off your comeback?
GD: We weren’t putting off intentionally. I guess it was because of our greed to produce better results. Because this was our comeback in a long time, I wanted to show it without any regrets. Then it took us a little more time.

(HOLIK) Your comeback through the Big Show, is there anything you regret about it?
TOP: Nothing at all~ It’s our own stage~ In this way we will be able to do it with a lot V.V.I.Ps~ Rather, the feeling of expectation feels like it got bigger.

(hyuti) I wonder how long the activity period of this album will be~
TOP: It’s hard to say an exact amount but I want to be with fans for as long as possible.

(kminh17) It took you 2 years to make a comeback, didn’t you want to see your fans?
Seungri: We wanted to see all of our V.I.P fans VERY much~ Really 1000000000000000 times!

Source: Melon
Translated by: alee@ibigbang
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[Big Bang] Big Bang Q&A from Melon
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