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 [2NE1]ETUDE reveals their ‘Precious Mineral BB Cream CF’ with Sandara Park

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PostSubject: [2NE1]ETUDE reveals their ‘Precious Mineral BB Cream CF’ with Sandara Park   Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:12 am

2NE1’s Dara released a teaser video for her “Precious Mineral BB Cream” CF with makeup brand ETUDE!

The CF revolves around the theme, ‘brightening your complexion’, and so Dara is seen with a team of ‘pearl lighting experts’ who follow her around all day with lamps to visually demonstrate the wonders the product does for your skin.

2NE1’s manager, ‘Zzangmae‘, also made his CF debut with a cameo appearance as one of her lighting experts near the end of the CF.

The final CF will be released on March 4th, but until then, check out the teaser below!


Δεν είναι τυχαίο που η Dara είνιαη πρεσβυρα της Etude !! Πάντα υπέροχη και φρεσκια με ή χωρίες μεικαπ!!

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[2NE1]ETUDE reveals their ‘Precious Mineral BB Cream CF’ with Sandara Park
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