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 [Big Bang] Big Bang's new mini album contains music, fashion and style

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PostSubject: [Big Bang] Big Bang's new mini album contains music, fashion and style   Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:05 am

The idol group, Big Bang, has returned after 2 years and 3 months and have revealed new songs where the quality of the songs are higher than what we expected and we mean every word. Actually, after the album was revealed, positive feedback by the fans were left on various online community boards.

Big Bang has returned to the music industry on the 24th with a 4th mini album. They have past the stage of idol and have become an icon where their new songs would become international songs and at the same time include Big Bang’s personality and capture the hearts of listeners with these two ideas.

They still have a bit of the style that could be seen when they were promoting “Lies” but instead of repeating it, they included emotional lyrics and melody that doesn’t irritate the listener’s ears.

The title song of their mini album is “Tonight” and once you hear it for the first time, you’ll know it’s their song because of Big Bang’s music style and it includes Big Bang’s personality but it’s a song that has a change from their past songs. The song makes the listeners feel comfortable and relaxes the atmosphere with Big Bang’s special electronica rhythm and emotional melodies.

The part where Taeyang sings, “I will find you oh eh oh I will find her under the moonlight that’s shining down on me oh eh oh oh oh although I don’t where the end is. Tonight tonight tonight tonight I still don’t know what love is and I’m still lonely on this night” tickles the ears with the soft and yet comfortable lyrics of the chorus and with Daesung’s clean and appealing voice and with Seungri’s vocal skills that’s good at delivering the feeling, it makes the listeners relax.

Almost as if the ballad and dance was mixed into one body, it has a strange mix where it gives the heart a warm and comfortable feeling and at the same time become a popular song by including electronica sound, acoustic guitar, digital and analogue sounds. The song becomes more fun as it has a sorrowful feeling and then changes to a spirited atmosphere and the sound of the wolf howling is very witty, bringing out the fun in the song even more.

The song, “Intro-Thank You & You” begins with Taeyang’s voice and it delivers each other member’s feelings through their character. “What Is Right” and “Cafe” is mostly played with an acoustic performance instead of an electronic sound making it seem like they’re whispering the songs and at the same time tell the listeners about their feelings, making the song seem more alive and fresh.

Source: Osen
Translated By: solshin3 @ 21BANGS.com
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[Big Bang] Big Bang's new mini album contains music, fashion and style
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