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 [Son Dambi] Son Dambi to make a comeback this May

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PostSubject: [Son Dambi] Son Dambi to make a comeback this May   Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:47 pm

Recently, Son Dambi announced that her entire schedule has been revamped in favor of her music comeback in May.

After completing her “Queen” promotions last year, the singer planned to focus on her acting career in 2011. She first made her acting debut in 2009 through SBS’s “Dream“, which unfortunately recorded a dismal 4.9% in viewer ratings. Still, Son Dambi hoped to use the New Year for a fresh start, and sought new opportunities in the acting field.

After going examining countless potential dramas and movies over the past few months, she found nothing that would satisfy her. Instead, the talent has decided to turn back to her original roots – music.

Over the next few months, Son Dambi will be undertaking weight, vocal, and dance training in preparation for her comeback. Although songs have been collected, the overall concept of the album remains undecided.

Source: DongA via Nate

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[Son Dambi] Son Dambi to make a comeback this May
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