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 [Big Bang] Who will go up against Big Bang during promotion?

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PostSubject: [Big Bang] Who will go up against Big Bang during promotion?   Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:51 am

Recent reports of other idol agencies postponing debuts and comebacks because of Big Bang’s upcoming return have left music fans wondering if there would be anyone left to rival Big Bang during their promotions.

There’s a big possibility that they’ll be alone this time, as most of the male groups will be heading to Japan and other countries by the end of February. Aside from CNBLUE, Big Bang will not be pitted against any major boy groups for the time being.

Instead, they’re expected to be facing off against the female solo artists and groups who have been dominating the music charts for quite some time now, such as IU, G.NA, and SECRET.

Before the boys head off to Japan themselves this May, they’ll have about two to three months to promote their mini-album, which overlaps with a lot of the big girl group comebacks. March will see the return of the Brown Eyed Girls, After School, and 4minute, as well as f(x) sometime after.

If the battle ends up being one of gender, industry representatives believe that it will actually give a positive result. Instead of rivalry, each team can instead focus on and cater to their specific genres, allowing them to secure a piece of their own pie during the overlapping promotion cycles.

Source: OSEN via Daum@allkpop
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[Big Bang] Who will go up against Big Bang during promotion?
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