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 [BEAST] ‘First Solo Concert’ Navi “I was tricked by BEAST”

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PostSubject: [BEAST] ‘First Solo Concert’ Navi “I was tricked by BEAST”   Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:45 am

‘First Solo Concert’ Navi “I was tricked by BEAST”

Navi held her first solo concert at Seoul Hong Ik University near the
KT&G vicinity on the 11th in the evening. Prior to the concert, she
attended a press conference and was complaining about BEAST playfully,
drawing laughter from the reporters.

Here, she stated “At
today’s performance BEAST will attend as the first guests” and “I
thought all 6 members were attending but only Yong Junhyung and Yang
Yoseob came. I was looking forward to it but I was tricked. I was also

Navi continued on “Truthfully, I never got to
practice with Yong Junhyung so I feel regretful” and “We have a special
repertoire that we prepared over a phone conversation.

got the opportunity to work with Yong Junhyung because of her song “Come
back again” in her new album. Their meeting was established through
their company representatives. Navi said “While recording my album I
requested to work with Yong Junhyung” and “After this we became close so
we still contact each other” she explained.

On the other
hand, at Navi’s concert, you will hear not only her songs but also
famous pop songs from other singers that she loves. In addition the band
Common Ground will attend, providing live accompaniment, further
enhancing the live performances. She will also be working with Mighty
Mouth and Kim Taewoo, showing different performances for the audience.


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[BEAST] ‘First Solo Concert’ Navi “I was tricked by BEAST”
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