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 [Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori models Calvin Klein Denim for High Cut

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PostSubject: [Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori models Calvin Klein Denim for High Cut   Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:26 pm

Sexy icon Lee Hyori has once again transformed with a new chic style.

In a recent poll of the world’s 100 sexiest women, the pop star proudly placed 9th, ahead of world-class stars like Beyonce, Kate Moss, and Zhang Ziyi.

The star has now returned to the entertainment scene through an exclusive 2011 Spring Calvin Klein Jeans “Gradation Denim” fashion spread in “High Cut.”

Straying away from the overly sexy and styled concept, the photoshoot was carried out under Calvin Klein Jeans’s own unique modern concept, with an underlying sexy tone. The focus was not just set on the star’s sexiness, but on the distinctive washout style of “Gradation Denim,” in which the blue color slowly gradates downwards. In addition, minimalist styling and Lee Hyori’s natural modern sexiness worked well together to capture the main concept of the photoshoot.

Calvin Klein Jeans “Gradation Denim” is a special line of jeans that has a cool natural blue color that gradually fades. Its straight slim fit emphasizes the natural body line of the wearer, and the back pocket’s studded omega logo draws attention to the hip line.

Lee Hyori’s S-line is in fact magnified by this “Gradation Denim,” which is said to be the best out of any season’s denim.

allkpop just received photos from the exclusive spread, so check it out below!

Rest of the pics:http://www.allkpop.com/2011/02/lee-hyori-models-calvin-klein-denim-for-high-cut

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[Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori models Calvin Klein Denim for High Cut
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